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Andrew Graham-Yooll

Andrew Michael Graham-Yooll OBE (1944 - 5 July 2019) was an Argentine journalist, the son of a Scottish father and an English mother. 


He was father to Inés, Luis, Isabel and an adopted son, Matias. He was a prolific writer, and authored about thirty books, written in English and Spanish. "A State of Fear" (Eland, 1986) has become a classic on the years of terror in Argentina.


A selection of remembrances and obituaries:

Buenos Aires Times "History, humour and humility: Remembering Andrew Graham-Yooll"

The Guardian "Journalist who risked his life by publishing the names of the disappeared during Argentina’s ‘dirty war’"

The Telegraph "Andrew Graham-Yooll, Telegraph and Buenos Aires Herald correspondent who risked his life reporting on Argentina’s ‘missing’ – obituary"

BBC Radio 4 - Last Word A posthumous "interview" with Andrew by colleague Vicky Baker (at 1-8 minutes)


Andrew often hosted family gatherings and reunions. Here he is (second from left standing in the back row), at a family gathering in his home at Golders Green, in 1982 (approx).

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