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The Coherent Church

Read on to find out about the philosophy and theology of the Coherent Church...*


"We make the broken circle whole 
In a single, universal soul!"

While many religions offer immortality in one form or the other, the Coherent Church is unique in promising immortality in body as well as spirit.

There is no question that the donation of an individual's assets to the Church is a small price to pay for the unique benefit offered. The few instances of failure by a Church member to achieve immortality have been clearly attributed to the breach of one or more Church commandments. Satisfaction among followers is high, and none of those who failed have made any complaint.

While some find the prohibition of sex to be demanding, desire fades after a few years of abstinence and disciples soon begin to enjoy the Coherent diet of insects and vegetables. Some are uncomfortable at the thought of living forever in imperfect bodies. However, the Coherent lifestyle, which includes a strict diet, no sex and regular manual labor, will in time make the body perfect. Coherents experience neither death nor sickness. Illness, which rarely occurs, is treated by spiritual consultation or, if that fails, by punishment.


With its roots in Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, Coherence is the spiritual movement of the new millennium, the concept that combines the non-theistic teachings of the East with the theistic moralities of the West.  Coherence explains the elusiveness of God by the example of a shattered crystal pitcher, each fractured shard being like an individual self seeking the whole of which it once was part.  The Universe of space and time is decaying from a state of incorruptible wholeness. Yet, according to the teaching of the Immortal Father, the Bishop of our Church who was formerly known as Cass Revere, the process is reversible.  The ultimate destiny of the human race is to stop entropy by achieving corporeal immortality, a step that will commence the Raveling of the Universe, or, in other words, reverse the arrow of time.  The advent of human consciousness was the first step. The second step was the founding of the Coherent Church. The final step will be when a sufficient number of humans have achieved immortality. To abolish death means also to abolish birth. From this premise it will be obvious that the total prohibition of sex and thus procreation becomes an essential and unavoidable precondition. 



The head of the Church, the Immortal Father, rules by consensus with a council of seven.  Recognizing the differences of the sexes, the leadership of the Church utilizes the talents of both to best advantage.  Men graduate to become Masters, destined for active service to the Church wherever in the world their calling may take them.  Women, graduating as Sisters, usually serve within the home community, but they alone are eligible to become future leaders as High Mothers of the Church. 

While the Immortal Father is the sole head, serving to guide and inspire the members and to define the sacred laws, the seven High Mothers of the High Council comprise the executive authority, entrusted with the interpretation of his teaching and in ensuring the just and efficient enactment of his laws. 

Those who progress through the levels of Novitiate and Apprenticeship to join the Coherent priesthood learn to reverse the cycle of death, decay and rebirth by choosing immortality through total celibacy and a Coherent lifestyle. 



Becoming Coherent means the abandonment of incoherence and the opening of the human consciousness to a purposeful new focus and understanding.  Through the process of "congruance" (the unique psycho-spiritual therapy program patented by the Church), Coherents learn to change their consciousness by an advanced visualization technique combined with meditation, diet and discipline.   

At the secular level, the Church teaches a revolutionary code of social justice.  Sickness that cannot be cured by the healing power of the Church is treated as a crime, punishable by public humiliation, imprisonment or, occasionally, beating. 

Since diet becomes part of an immortal body, strict rules apply. The consumption of the flesh of fish, fowl or animal, or any produce thereof, is forbidden. Instead, Church members obtain protein needs from the consumption of insects, which are key ingredients of many popular Coherent recipes.

At the spiritual level, members of the church open their inner selves to the source of infinite power through the mental and physical exercises prescribed by the Immortal Father. While the Immortal Father's present condition is a mystery, Coherent theologians teach us that a full understanding is attainable only at the higher levels of Coherence. 

* The Coherent Church is an invention of Richard Graham-Yooll, and an extension of the character he created, Willis C Crumb. Although entirely fictional, the Coherent Church is based on Richard's fascination with the Koreshan Unity community of Florida. 

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