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Family artists

We're not saying it's in the genes, but somehow the Graham-Yoolls have nurtured or attracted into the family a wonderful array of talented people in the creative arts.

In no particular order, here's a list of some of them, with links to their websites:


Liz Graham-Yooll

Liz is a painter, children's book illustrator and writer. She lives in Aveyron, South West France, with her husband Robert, after having spent many years painting in Tuscany, Italy.


Julie Fleming-Williams

Julie is an artist and gilder, whose paintings come from observations of the everyday to the surreal.

She is the mother of Tom Rooth, who is also featured on this website.


Fred Graham-Yooll

Fred is a Scotsman by birth, and now resides near Washington DC with his son and family. He has written several non-fiction books related to his interests in history, politics and the state of the world. 


Penny Graham-Yooll

Penny paints abstracts in acrylics or mixed media. She took to painting later in life, after exploring a variety of creative pursuits, from pottery to wood-carving. 


Simon Smith

Master stone carver Simon Smith designs, models and carves marble and stone for many varied commissions, including by the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and the National Trust, among others.


Mary Turner Thomson

Mary Turner Thomson is an author, writer, speaker, trainer and motivated person. Her two major books are: "The Bigamist", which is based on her real life experience, and "Trading Places", which tells the story of a chronically abused woman who successfully turned her life around by starting a new business.


Tom Rooth

Tom is an art dealer and artist, and runs two separate businesses - one selling paintings, and the other creating hand-made and limited edition ceramics.


Richard Graham-Yooll

Richard had a quick wit and a sharp intellect, which he often demonstrated through his writing of poems, stories and political commentaries. We've published a small selection of his writings on this site. 

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