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Fred Graham-Yooll

Fred Graham-Yooll emigrated to Canada from Scotland as young man.


He then spent a number of years working in the oil industry in Houston, Texas, and later moved his family to Connecticut, USA.


He now lives just outside Washington DC. 


Fred has written several books, which are listed (and available to purchase) online.

Find out more about some of them below.

Cleopatra's Lost Treasure

Cleopatra is one of the many women in the history of the world who have shaped and changed our views of the female gender, if indeed a pioneer in the many fields of her activities. She began to rule as queen only at the tender age of eighteen, and with her intellect and wit, she became one of the most powerful pharaohs of Egypt. She had both personal and political relationship with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, two successful and influential leaders in Rome. History has it that she took her own life by letting a poisonous asp bite her as an act of defiance against the Romans. This led to Egypt's demise, and the country fell under the power of the Roman Empire. But who is she really? Why is it important that we know her story? What is her true story? What was she like as a ruler, a queen, a mother, and most importantly, a woman? Fred Graham-Yooll gives you the account of Cleopatra's life as a girl and her transformation to a powerful woman and ruler. 


EARTH - A planet in peril

How does one send out a message that warns people that something is about to happen that is already destroying our home and that "The Planet Earth" is it? Compounding this problem is watching the misdirection of our research and the appalling ignorance of our leaders as they watch this destruction happening in front of our eyes! 

Based on his experiences of a lifetime in the agricultural industry, Fred documents his insights into the climate crisis and how it can be resolved.

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