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Family members

Sadly, while the Graham-Yooll name is carried by many individuals across the world, we sometimes have to say goodbye to those who carried it. These are a few of our family members who have passed away, along with some remembrances and legacies they left behind...


Andrew was a British-Argentine dual national, who was an influential writer and journalist. He passed away suddenly on 5th July 2019, aged 75. Read more...

1944 - 2019

Andrew Graham-Yooll


Elizabeth Mary Clare (“Betty”) Graham-Yooll (née Nott) of Broadchalke was born  in Salisbury on 2nd June, 1914, and died in hospital on 18th July, 2008, aged 94.


1914 - 2008

Betty Graham-Yooll


Richard was a much loved husband, father, brother and grandfather who lived in East Lansing, Michigan after having travelled extensively for much of his life. Read more...

1939 - 2019

Richard Graham-Yooll


Charlie was a bright, beautiful, kind and sensitive young boy whose life was tragically cut short by a brain tumor. Read more...

2008 - 2013

Charlie Waller

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