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Penny's Paintings

Penny Graham-Yooll is an abstract painter, born in Boston and currently living in East Lansing, Michigan. She was married to Richard Graham-Yooll for over 50 very happy years, before he passed away in March 2019.

In her words:

In the 90's looking for a different pace of life, I took an adult-ed course in pottery. The challenge of the wheel became almost an obsession. Making a truly round bowl was the first task, followed by creative expression through hand-building  ceramics. Working on the physics of the kiln and subsequently selling the finished products gave me confidence to try other art forms, like wood carving and then painting which has become my passion.


My art follows no given instruction or rules. My aim is to paint without attempting to reproduce real life but instead to express an idea. The title I give to a picture is a clue as to what was on my mind when I painted it and the hope is to convey that thought to the viewer.

All of my paintings are done in memory of my beloved grandson, Charlie Waller, many of which have been sold in aid of the Art for Charlie Foundation.

A selection of Penny's artworks is shown in the gallery below:

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