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Richard's Writing

Richard Graham-Yooll was quite a prolific writer, although he never really made any money from it.

He wrote short stories, poems, political satire, humorous observations, and one published novel. Selected works are linked below...


A Foreign Policy - a novel by Richard Graham-Yooll (published in 2005)

The story is set in Boston, London and the Middle East, and the time is the near future. Saudi Arabia is undergoing tremors of unrest, but a US administration, comfortable with the status quo, wants no change. A respected British insurance group sponsors insurgency and condones terrorism while laundering money around the world. In a sub-plot, increasing hurricane risk in the Atlantic threatens to make the US east coast uninsurable.

Willis Crumb - Richard's alter ego (from about 2005-2010)

Willis is a fictional character invented by Richard, through whom he published a variety of writings, satirical expositions, and political commentaries. 

Coherent Church - a fictional religion invented by Richard

Richard loved applying his imagination to turn aspects of the "real world" into creative thought experiments. The Coherent Church is one of these - and although the theology he invented for it sounds completely absurd, it is largely based on the beliefs of the Koreshans, a religious group that settled in Estero, Florida in 1894. 

Catastrophe - a short story

A self-centered university professor with a dislike of cats tries two experiments to prove the nature of consciousness. The first experiment fails while the second succeeds with a disastrous result. Download this short story about the nature of consciousness - and the importance of being kind to cats.

The Seagull's Cry - a short story

In a world set in the not too distant future, a young woman wonders what it means to be human... 

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